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Solaire is the first integrated resort in Manila Entertainment City, covering an area of 8.3 hectares. Morningside's two towers have a total of 800 resort-style residences, numerous dining options, a spectacular gaming floor, and a modern theater that makes Manila Resort and Casino a different take. Chenli will give you a unique experience of comfort, nobility and luxury, and the hospitality of the Filipino staff will make you feel more deeply. With the romantic sunset of Manila Bay as the backdrop, Solaire Resort and Casino is located in the cultural and entertainment center, close to major shopping malls such as SM Mall of Asia, lifestyle and business districts.
    The birth of the blockchain has brought greatness to our industry to the era of revolution, we need this revolution to change our world, Solaire insists on equality, justice and security as the core, the first year of the blockchain in 2021, our group has already started Entering the era of blockchain revolution, Solaire is building a global decentralized digital platform for sports competition, with the FIFA World Cup and FIFA Women's World Cup - the world's largest football competition - in Qatar in 2022 and 2023 Australia and New Zealand enter new frontiers this year, so the highest level of the game must reflect the entire global population living and breathing football. In 2021, we have successfully obtained FIFA recognition, and we will build a harmonious, equal, charitable, safe and healthy digital sports platform.
Solaire count evolution history of decentralized organization
We have uploaded the entire architecture to the decentralized blockchain. Solaire has completed the deployment of the underlying model of the blockchain. The specific deployment of the blockchain is as follows:
Solairetoken-SOLR Airdrop Smart Contract
Solaire-token Smart Contract - SOLR
Solaire registers smart contracts
Solaire economy
The main research and development structure of the Solaire decentralized blockchain digital sports platform:
Decentralized digital sports platform... A decentralized sports platform, sports, games and other sports will be completed on the blockchain, completely open and transparent, and equal exchange transactions.
Solaire Charitable Foundation...a foundation built on the blockchain, the ownership belongs to all Solaire token users, any decision will be voted on the Solaire blockchain, today's world is not very peaceful, Ukrainian people are After experiencing a bad life, the foundation's first fund will help the Ukrainian people, and the foundation will recruit volunteers around the world to contribute to the Ukrainian people's charitable contributions to help the Ukrainian people's life assistance. After the first aid is completed, the foundation is voted for by SOLR holders.
Solaire Football Club...Solaire Football Club is located in Marina Bay Sands, Singapore. The 3000-square-foot Solaire Football Club is under renovation and construction. After it is completed and put into use, we will open 360 for free to SOLR holders. Today, after the free opening period ends, the club will be managed by the Solaire Club Foundation, and ownership will be vested in SOLR holders, who own and operate the club.
Solaire Digital Hash Athletics... Hash Niu Niu, Hash Number, Hash Zhuang Xian, etc. Please download the app to check the specific details for many gameplays.
Solaire digital token...Solaire digital token code: SOLR, the total amount of coins issued is 100,000,000 SOLR,
Sports Football Fan Airdrop:                                          15,000,000 Coins - Airdrop to Global Sports
Football fan wallet.
DEX liquidity pool:                                                              15,000,000 coins - DEX liquidity pool,
Solaire Sports Charitable Foundation:                      5,000,000
Ukrainian Charity Aid:                                                      5,000,000 coins - donate to the Ukrainian Red Cross,
ICO:                                                                                            15,000,000 coins - ICO raised to support the early development of the decentralized digital sports platform and the circulation of funds on the platform.
Solaire digital competition platform:                       15,000,000 coins - Solaire game competition flow pool, no one has the right to use, participation in the game is the only way to get
Press Release:                                                                       5,000,000 coins
R&D team:                                                                              5,000,000 coins - locked for 2 years
FIFA:                                                                                         5,000,000 coins
2022 World Cup winning team:                                   5,000,000 coins
2022 World Cup runner-up team:                              3,000,000 coins
2022 World Cup third place team:                              2,000,000 coins
Top 10 of the world's top football stars:                  5,000,000 coins - voted by SOLR holders - Quota ratio is implemented by SOLR holders vote.
Solaire digital token code:                                             SOLR, the total amount of coins issued is 100,000,000 SOLR
DEX transaction tax:                                                         8%
Solaire Sports Charity Foundation                             40%
SOLR,                                                                                        40% bonus for coin holders
Solaire Football Club                                                         20%
Solaire count R & D room
Blind box:
Players can open 10 or 1 blind boxes at the same time through the official website of meta cont and the meta cont platform. The probability of assets obtained by the blind box is as follows:
Julie Smith
daniel riaz
John T Lounsbury
Bradly Wentker
Bobby wilfred
Alomar Gregory Petgrave
Mark Holmes
Peterson snod
Catherine Gibbs
Solaire count security audit
Solairetoken-SOLR Airdrop Smart Contract
Solaire registers smart contracts
Solaire-token Smart Contract - SOLR
Audit institutions
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